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Our plans have changed numerous times here. I feel like we have gone around the world and come back again in exploring our options.

I think I know what our plans are now. However, plans can change...

Despite not being 100% certain of whether we shall follow the plan that I think we have laid out, I have decided to set forth certain goals for myself and to work towards those goals. Whether we remain here in this region or end up relocating, my goals are still applicable; the only thing that will really change is the time frame.

One of the steps that I have taken in achieving these goals is to approach my online earnings sites in a different way. I divide things into quantifiable tasks--breaking things down into individual articles written, questions answered, etc.--rather than trying to earn a specific amount of money from a specific site. I find that this new approach is far more rewarding, and it is also less time-consuming with the way I work.

Another change I have made is to push off the "extras" sites that aren't "actual" work until the end of the day for after I have finished my X number of tasks. You know these "extras" sites--the compensated video watching, game playing, reading articles, looking at photos, etc.

For the original post together with any other images or videos, visit the link previously mentionedIf it is something that compensates but cannot be broken down as an individual task, it gets put into this category. This helps me to avoid getting bogged down in fun but not especially productive sites but still allows me to go back and enjoy partaking of those activities at the end of the day.

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